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       We aspire to give rock and metal artists a voice to look back on their career and fill in their fans on what is up next for them. Along with that, we like to ask artists questions they enjoy answering, and we try to avoid the questions every journalist asks, by asking a few questions outside music, to get a feel for what an artist's life looks like when the tour is over and family life resumes. Rockin' Interviews is not just interviews. We also discuss the latest rock and metal albums and documentaries under our "Reviews" tab. We have fantastic photographers who work diligently on each and every photo you see on this page. Rockin' Interviews is run by a young female musician, Shannon Wilk, her goal is to educate people on what being a musician is like and to keep people updated on the latest metal news.



         The sole Founder, Author, and Photographer for Rockin' Inteviews is me, a young woman by the name of Shannon Wilk. I started with a passion for Rock and Metal music at age 9, interested in bands like Motley Crue, Aerosmith, and Guns 'N Roses. She attended the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and fell in love with bands such as Vixen, Lita Ford, Winger, KIX, and more. I also love modern metal bands like Arch Enemy, New Years Day, and Halestorm. I've always loved taking pictures at concerts with my little old cell phone and I then upgraded to professional photography. I have a unique perspective on how I approach reviews and interviews due to me being both a musician and a journalist. 

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