"All I Need"
by Bright Righteous

          Members of the electro-rock band Bright Righteous, Kevin Hogg and Jay Jensen, made their move from Winnipeg to Los Angeles earlier this year. Since then, the group has been working on writing new music. They recently released their first new single since their debut EP released in July of 2018. 
          “All I Need” has quite a different sound than their self-titled EP. It doesn’t stray away from their electronic-side, but rather has a slightly less rock sound. With that said, I do believe that this song can still appeal to a wide range of people: rock fans, electronic music fans, pop fans, and more. The first verse struck me as musically interesting because of the electro element for that particular section. The line in the second verse, “Something tells me I’ll be back, leave the keys under the mat,” shows how creative these guys are lyrically. One final chorus gives closure to this exquisite piece of music. 

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