Bulletboys, Love 'N Revenge
Concert Review
River Rock Tavern
August 15, 2019

         L.A. hard rockers, Bulletboys have been touring heavily throughout the month of August in the Midwest and the East Coast with fellow L.A. rockers, Love N’ Revenge opening. I was able to attend their show at River Rock Tavern in Derby, CT. I was intrigued to see what the show would be like at such a small venue with a ground-level stage, but Bulletboys and Love N’ Revenge did not disappoint.

       Love N’ Revenge kicked off the show in a great way. Their original songs put a modern twist on the classic 80’s hair metal sound we all know and love, and they also covered “Highway to Hell”. Vocalist and frontman, KC Chain, sounds like Sebastian Bach meets Mark Slaughter and it’s very impressive. The band as a whole had very entertaining stage performance and successfully pumped up the crowd for Bulletboys.

          Marq Torien and The Bulletboys then took the crowd by storm! Bulletboys has been said to perform at 110% regardless of the crowd size and this small-crowd show proved that to be true. From the start of the show, every band member was a full force wave. Marq Torien mentioned that he had never played a venue like this one wheere the stage was on the floor and he liked that it was intimate. Bulletboys included a couple covers in their set as well, “Blitzkrieg Bop” dedicated to Dee Dee Ramone being one of them. Seeing that the “stage” was ground level, guitarist Nick Rozz went up right in front of the crowd playing his guitar while staring eye-to-eye with crowd members. Marq Torien decided to join that fun about three songs in and went and soloed eye-to-eye with a teenage Bulletboys fan, me. Each band member truly has a unique stage performance. Nick has an eerie presence, almost paranormal in the most entertaining way. Bassist Chad Macdonald plucks a stunning bass with grace and rock ‘n roll aggression in equal parts. Newest Bulletboy, drummer Stephen Jude Mills was well prepared seeing that he joined very recently, and brings the energy on an arena show to a small club show. Last but certainly not least, Bulletboys founder and frontman, Marq Torien commands the stage with an iron fist with his electric voice and amazing guitar.


        Love ‘N Revenge and Bulletboys absolutely performed with high energy and they were thrilled to have the entire crowd enjoying the show. The Bulletboys truly care about each and every fans experience and they make the most of every stage.

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