"Flesh And Blood" by Whitesnake

     Formed in 1978, the iconic hard-rockers, Whitesnake have released a new record, “Flesh And Blood” on May 10th, 2019. Whitesnake reformed in 2002, this time adding Winger guitarist Reb Beach into the mix. The current lineup of the band was completed in 2015 with the addition of keyboardist Michele Luppi after the previous lineup alterations were made, adding bass player Michael Devin, guitarist Joel Hoekstra, and drummer Tommy Aldridge to Whitesnake.

    “Flesh And Blood” kicks off with Joel and Reb’s chugging guitars on “Good To See You Again”, a rockin’ opening track. “Gonna Be Alright” is a product of collaboration between Whitesnake founder David Coverdale and guitarist Joel Hoekstra (known for his work with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Cher).

    The first single and video released for the album, “Shut Up And Kiss Me” brings the classic Whitesnake sound with all know and love back with a modern twist. “Shut Up And Kiss Me” is a great representation of the evolution of Whitesnake from 1978 to 2019. Whitesnake even released “Shut Up And Kiss Me” merchandise. Following “Shut Up And Kiss Me” is the rock anthem-style, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)” which Whitesnake had roughly 19,000 people on their feet at M3 Rock Festival. “Hey You (You Make Me Rock” has become one of my personal favorite Whitesnake songs since “Flesh And Blood” was released. The following two songs “Always And Forever” and “When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)” please the fans who crank up “Is This Love” when it plays on the radio. The album continues with a few catchy tunes “Trouble Is Your Middle Name”, “Flesh And Blood”, and “Well I Never”. “Heart Of Stone” gives me a country vibe and “Get Up” brings a classic rock vibe. “After All” is a masterpiece of a song and leads to the grand finale “Sands Of Time” written by Coverdale and guitraist Reb Beach. To close, Whitesnake’s “Flesh And Blood” is a piece of pure musical art.

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