Interview With Frankie Lindia
(David Lee Roth, Legal Tender,
Wheel In The Sky - Journey Tribute)

Shannon W - What made you choose guitar?

Frankie Lindia - “Hi there Shannon! Choosing guitar was almost like natural instinct. I was first a drummer and still am, but guitar is the most soul soothing out of the instruments of my preference.”

Shannon - What bands influenced you when writing your solo album?

Frankie Lindia - “Oh man. So many people, bands, styles of music, and life experiences have influences on my writing. I can’t pinpoint one thing but any major life scenario if every experience has impacted my playing, naturally. Music is a soulful experience so creating it, you’ve got to dig deep and allow anything to come out, picking the pieces you want to keep or not. Bands that really influence me are of course Van Halen...Zeppelin, Mr. Big and the man himself- Rick James baby!”

Shannon - When did you know you wanted that album to be all instrumental?

Frankie Lindia - “Well it’s funny I didn’t really plan it- I just had all these ideas I liked and naturally put together, then after 5 tunes I said to myself ‘hey wait a minute, I should release these!’ Haha.”

Shannon - What else was part of your vision for “Creatures Of Habit”?  

Frankie Lindia - “Honestly many good and bad life experiences that influenced the writing. I feel you can tell which song sets the tone as far as feeling goes. Aside from that- I loved doing everything myself. Drums, bass, guitar, production, recording, mixing and mastering. It was such a fun learning experience. I guess I’m just that guy who loves to kick himself in the butt to make something happen. I know the mix isn’t the greatest but it’s so cool to me to look back on to listen and think ‘wow, I did all of that, and relative to now- I have learned so much more to improve my recording and engineering process!’”

Shannon - How did the opportunity to play for David Lee Roth come about?

Frankie Lindia - “A good buddy of mine referred me and put me in contact for the audition! Can’t be more thankful for that opportunity enough!”

Shannon - What was that like for you?

Frankie Lindia - “Mind boggling. Nerve wracking- but also very very real. I knew I wanted it so badly so I played my ass off and just was me. Being yourself, respectful, alert, humble and as calm and possible in those situations I truly feel will get you the farthest no matter what outcome in the moment.”

Shannon - What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?

Frankie Lindia - “Teaching, playing live and producing more and more!!!! Always progressing! Enjoying life and making the most of it. It’s also not always about music- I love to workout, surf, hike woodwork, and barbecue so keeping all that up is super important for me! Haha.”

Shannon - What’s coming up for you in the near future?

Frankie Lindia - “Well hopefully once this crazy pandemic really subsided we can get back into love music. I’ve been in contact with a lot of cool people so making those moves and fulfilling the task is the end goal ;) Maybe it’s secretive- maybe not! Haha. And of course teaching. I really want to start my own YouTube channel with super professional content as a teaching of all styles and all levels. It’s something I do- I just need to sit down and thoroughly make the content. So that’s a big goal of mine as well!”


Frankie with David Lee Roth
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