"Hexenhammer" by Burning Witches

    All female heavy metal band Burning Witches is back at it again with their second album “Hexenhammer”.  Hexenhammer is defined as the Hammer Against Witches and that demonstration of power is fully shown throughout this amazing album. The first single Executed  was released about two months prior to the album release and it gave fans a rough idea of Burning Witches’ approach to their second and in my opinion, best album thus far.  “Hexenhammer features several clips that help the story move along such as the eerie introduction named The Witch Circle with what sounds to be a woman casting spells and Dungeon of Infamy. Following The Witch Circle is the metal anthem Executed. Lords of War  well showcases all that vocalist Seraina Telli can do. Next is hard hitting song Open Your Mind and then ballad Don’t Cry My Tears to pull at your heartstrings. Maiden Of Steel  features amazing guitarist Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens and Femme Fatale. The album closes with a cover of Dio’s Holy Diver. Burning Witches did a fantastic job paying tribute to Ronnie James Dio with his biggest hit. Overall, “Hexenhammer” will be the one to beat in the European Metal community.

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