Interview With Jani Laine
(of Shiraz Lane)

Rockin’ Interviews: How did you start playing guitar?
Jani Laine - “I was 11 years old and we had music lessons in school. Everybody got an acoustic guitar and tried to play a song. I learned a few chords and realized it was pretty easy and cool. My friends played drums and bass so I thought if I started playing guitar we could be a band. I told my parents I’d like to get a guitar and take some lessons. That’s kind of how it started.”

R.I. - What does the name Shiraz Lane mean to you?
J.L. - “Well for me it’s the band, the family, my best friends. But Miki (Kalske) had the name of the band before I joined. The message behind the name is to enjoy the journey.”

R.I. - Personally, one of my favorite Shiraz Lane songs is Story To Tell. What is your favorite story to tell from a show?
J.L. - “Hmm, what would it be? There are so many stories. Our first time we got to play in Toronto, Canada, we won a band competition to travel there to play a gig. It was just so cool because before then, we only played in Helsinki with the whole band. That experience tied our band together. We had good times there.”

R.I. - Can you talk a little bit about the story behind your song “Carnival Days”?
J.L. - “I think Miki had the idea for the song, the chord progression and everything. We started jamming the song and we liked the vibe of it, it’s a bit different mood. The lyrics are about the downfall. We can celebrate for the last time before everything collapses. It’s a great anthem. I think we managed to get the mood really cool on that song with the saxophone and everything. It’s also a great live song, it’s got a cool sing along chorus.”

R.I. - What will be different about the next EP compared to your most recent release?
J.L. - “Well I think we got a bit heavier and a bit darker mood overall. On ‘Vibration 1’, it was kind of happy and poppy. Now it’s a bit more moody. The themes of the lyrics are a bit darker too. It’s going to be heavier but also really melodic. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

R.I. - This week, Shiraz Lane is playing on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. How do you feel about that?
J.L. - “That is going to be something really special. It’s our first time to get into the United States. It’s going to be so cool to play two shows on this big cruise ship with so many great bands when it’s sunny. It’s gonna be rocking for 5 days!”

R.I. - Outside of music, what do you love doing?
J.L. - “I spend time with my family and friends. I play guitar all the time at home. I watch movies and try to take it easy. I live the kind of lifestyle that takes time and concentration all the time so I just try to relax and hang out with my friends. I also like to go see some other bands play. I usually go to festivals in the summertime in Finland, last year I saw Def Leppard and KISS, it’s so cool.”

R.I. - Shiraz Lane is very much about positivity and peaceful messages through songs. What is one message you want to give to people?
J.L. - “I think my message would be to enjoy your life and make it the way you want it to be. Do what you enjoy as much as you can because it will get you far.”

R.I. - Anything else you want to include?
J.L. - “Everyone who likes great melodic rock n roll should check out the new songs because it’s a killer EP. Also, come to see us live, we have a European tour coming up and we’re playing some festivals. Of course, Monsters of Rock Cruise and Domination Festival in Mexico. I’d like to see all of you headbanging to all of these great songs.”


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