Interview With Kore Rozzik

Rockin’ Interviews - Can you tell me about your initial introduction to rock and metal?

Kore Rozzik - “Honestly it was probably watching WWF wrestling and hearing the Tag Team Demolition's Theme Song. I asked some kid once who it was and they said QUEEN. That was clearly incorrect but I went on to buy every album of theirs. That was the first band I got into by misinformation.”

R.I. - How did that first moment turn into knowing you wanted to be a part of the music industry?
K.R. - “I think getting into music thereafter at a young age. I knew it was for me. I grew up in a troubled home. Only child. No Friends. I pretty much had my own little world in my room. So I knew I didn't want to live in the real world. Being a touring musician is a bit of a fantasy. It's not all glamorous but it is not your typical lifestyle either.”

R.I. - How did the name Kore Rozzik come about? 

K.R. - “My nickname in high school was hardcore cause I did backyard wrestling. I thought naming myself core with a K would be different. Take SICK and a part of my real last name and you get Rozzik.”

R.I. - Do you feel social media has been a big help in spreading your music? 

K.R. - “It has but ya know everything has a price. You really have to invest in FB ads and such now. Too much gets lost in the shuffle.”

R.I. - What was it like touring with Nita Strauss? 

K.R. - “The best support tour to date. Nita and her crew were so supportive and loving. It was almost surreal. I wish that tour had never ended.”

R.I. - What is the story behind Vengeance Overdrive? 

K.R. - “It’s the story of Kore, "The Bastard Child of NYC", the most misunderstood notorious rocker to ever hit the scene. He had been slandered and blacklisted due to angry ex-band members and ex-girlfriends. He decides to fight back by meeting a shape-shifting mistress to promises him power and fame if he performs sacrifices for her. Using some of her much deserving clients. Things start turning in his favor and the rest is history.”

R.I. - How does the songwriting process usually start for you? 

K.R. - “It can be a riff or simply a song title. I try to incorporate some kind of a storyline in the Kore character. See how I can put my own experiences into it as well.”

R.I. - If you could open for any band ever, who would it be and why? 

K.R. - “There's a lot of bands I think would work well for us currently. GHOST, Disturbed, and Fozzy are a few that come to mind.”

R.I. - You are playing the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go on Halloween opening for Lizzy Borden. How are you feeling about that? 

K.R. - “I think it's a good look for us. Being a theatrical band and first time to LA. Why not!?”

R.I. - What’s your favorite horror movie?

K.R. - “I would have to say the HALLOWEEN franchise as a whole. It just has everything. Sweet kills. Sexy Young People. A strong mysterious backstory and a beautiful setting of  a suburban town in the best fall weather.”

R.I. - Outside of music, what do you love doing?

K.R. - “I like seeing my family when I can. Hanging with old friends watching wrestling. I enjoy a good spa day. I try to keep it mellow when I'm home.”

R.I. - Can you tell me a little bit about your upcoming album?

K.R. - “We are just about to start working on it. Lots of ideas on the table. It will be another concept record but different than vengeance. A bit more social and relatable.”

R.I. - What are you most looking forward to about this particular album? 

K.R. - “Trying some different things maybe a tad outside of my comfort zone. But hoping fans will respond to some different themes.”

R.I. - What do you think fans will be surprised by? 

K.R. - “Kore being a little more human with emotions but still doing the usual theatrical storytelling.”

R.I. - Any last words? 


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