L.A. Guns
Concert Review
The Stanhope House
Stanhope, NJ

       The black-haired punk rock beasts, L.A. Guns rocked Stanhope, NJ. Playing in this very small venue is something these Sunset Strip rockers are not accustomed to. They had to adjust to the venue by making a barricade out of Tracii Guns’ Marshall flight cases. The band seemed very pleased to have a more intimate setting and close interaction with fans. 
     The show started out with ‘Over The Edge’ and various other classic L.A. Guns songs. From hours before the show started, the venue had been pretty packed. Once the show started, our fate was sealed and there was no room to move: the rock show had set in. Vocalist Phil Lewis has a unique voice and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Throughout the night, the band was able to crack jokes about the low ceilings and lack of backstage area.    All 5 members of the band retained an impressive amount of energy throughout the show. The set also included a couple newer songs like ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Speed’. L.A. Guns constructed a phenomenal setlist which created a balance between the ‘80s L.A. Guns songs and more recent releases. 
       L.A. Guns took the venue they had and ran with it to the fullest extent. These guys continue to release stellar albums like ‘The Devil You Know’ and their live show demonstrates nothing less. 

© 2020 by Shannon Wilk.

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