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Rockin’ Interviews - Most bands call themselves family, but you guys actually are. How did you go from being siblings to being band mates as well?

Liliac - “We grew up with music all our lives because our dad is a music producer. We were always listening to music and singing and later on we discovered rock. Our dad said we should learn some instruments. He gave Abigail the drums, me, Samuel the guitar, and Melody played bass and sang. Our little brothers play now too: the younger one, Justin, plays keyboards and Ethan was the rhythm guitarist. But now, as time went on, Ethan took on the bass and Melody just focused on singing. That’s how we started. We would perform at the Santa Monica Pier every weekend playing cover songs and that’s when we started the process of writing original songs too. We’ve been doing that for 4 or 5 years.”

R.I. - Were any of you in other bands before being in this band together?
Liliac - “No actually. Right when we started learning our instruments, we started the band.”

R.I. - Have you ever had people show any disrespect towards you because you’re a family band?

Liliac - “No, everyone has been pretty nice and supportive. People love that we are a family playing music and pursuing our dreams together.”

R.I. - You just released your first original album. What did you expect people to think going into that release?

Liliac - “We were really excited to release our first original EP on January 25th of this year and we didn’t really expect anything from it. We just wanted to put it out and see what happens. People loved it and it hit number one on Amazon’s rock charts and number 2 on Amazon’s bestsellers. It was really successful so we are very happy that it did very well for our first original EP.”

R.I. - You recently announced that you’re going to be headlining a festival with 35,000 people next year. When you play big shows like that, do you still get nervous?

Liliac - “Well, we do because this is our first big festival we’ve ever done and we’re headlining too. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we can’t wait.”

R.I. - What are you most proud of in your career?

Liliac - “I’m just proud that we are doing this as a family and seeing everything we’ve accomplished together. It’s just mindblowing because we never thought that we would go on tour or go on TV and putting out original music with fans all over the world.”

R.I. - Being a family band, is there ever tension between any of you?

Liliac - “Not really. The only time is when we write music and we have different opinions but we just go with the best one for that song. Our little brothers are 12 and 13 and they still have tension but never about music, just video games.”

R.I. - What are each of your favorite bands?

Melody (Vocals) - “My favorite band is Dio. I listen to a lot of Black Sabbath and Rainbow too.”
Samuel (Guitar) - “I really love Metallica and Halestorm and all the 80’s bands along with some of the modern rock bands too.”
Abigail (Drums) - “And I love Queen. That was one of the first bands we listened to.”

R.I. - What are each of you most excited for this holiday season?

Liliac - “We’re currently working on our second original album, we have only a few songs left to record. Hopefully next year we’re going to release it and just see what happens. We’re also performing tomorrow (December 13th) in Los Angeles at The Mint and that is our last show until next year. We can’t wait until Christmas to open up gifts and spend time with family.”

R.I. - What was your favorite part of this past tour?

Liliac - “Seeing the whole USA and some parts of Canada because we had never been to the East Coast or other states and it was cool to see the culture and the scenery. We went to the Statue of Liberty for the first time and Disney World for the first time. We had so much fun.”

R.I. - Anything else you want to include?

Liliac - “We love performing. We love seeing how many people come and meeting out fans because everyone is so amazing. We really respect them and we’re so grateful for them. They come out to out shows and rock out to our music and enjoy themselves and it’s something we could only dream of.”


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