"Rise Of The Damnation Army" By Skid Row

    From the chairs of the studio to the hands of rock fans, Skid Row has created “Rise Of The Damnation Army”. Elegantly executed theoretical chaos. From day one, Skid Row knew what they wanted and didn’t plan to stop until they got it, and “Rise Of The Damnation Army” shows nothing less.  
    Skid Row has always had a big stage presence, but many bands struggle to capture the essence of their live performance in the studio, but Skid Row excelled. “We Are The Damned” is my personal favorite due to the relatable lyrics and riffy pre-chorus.
    Skid Row’s punk influences shine through largely on songs like “Give It The Gun” and “Damnation Army”. It is really interesting to hear Rachel Bolan’s impressive, ripping basslines first thing in several songs. I can’t help but think of Nirvana when listening to the chorus of “Catch Your Fall” or “Sheer Heart Attack”. As much as you can hear all the influences of Skid Row fairly prominently, they haven’t lost the original Skid Row sound because they are still Scotti Hill, Dave “Snake” Sabo, and Rachel Bolan writing and recording the songs.
Over the past few months, Skid Row has packed the Merriweather Post Pavilion at M3 Rock Fest, Donington Park at Download Fest, Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen at Rock Hard Fest, and so many more huge festivals. These guys surely know how to have a good time (Rachel Bolan riding on luggage carousels in airports, for one) and definitely know how to keep fans guessing.


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