Review of "Succumb" by Seven Spires

         Boston-based metal band, Seven Spires recently released their first single since their debut album “Solveig”. The initial guitar riff of “Succumb” does a great job getting people interested in the song. The story begins with the words “Destiny’s a funny girl, she took me by surprise.” The soothing clean voice of Adrienne Cowan really shines through on this song, as it is 100% clean vocals. Just before the second verse, Peter de Reyna shows his skills through an incredible 6-string  bass solo. The drums on “Succumb” really add to the great metal sound that Seven Spires emits. Guitarist Jack Kosto plays a sweeping, yet emotion-filled guitar solo on the song as well. The song closes with a single chime.If “Succumb” is any representation of what Seven Spires’ upcoming “Emerald Seas” album is going to be like, fans have a lot to look forward to.

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