Concert Review
Turning Stone Resort Casino
Verona, NY

          Autograph started out the night with two high energy songs, ‘Deep End’ and ‘Loud and Clear’. They then played ‘You Are Us, We Are You’, a song dedicated to Autograph’s fans. Simon, Randy, Jimi, and Marc brought a high-energy performance to Upstate New York for the entirety of their set. Autograph’s set was no longer than 30 minutes and fans wished it would’ve been longer. I was glad to hear ‘Send Her To Me’ because it is a totally underrated song and it’s awesome to see them still playing it live. Autograph got the entire crowd singing and on their feet for ‘Get Off Your Ass’ and continued throughout ‘Turn Up The Radio’. The band's newest addition, Jimi Bell couldn’t have been happier to play onstage with his bandmates. I have seen Autograph three times prior to the Verona, NY show and that show had so much energy and punch, I believe it was the best show I’ve seen from them.

            Stryper, the yellow-and-black attack of the 80’s, played their first show at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY this Saturday. I made the trip out to see this killer band take the stage for their last show of this decade. Stryper’s ‘History Tour’ was marketed as ‘Greatest Hits & Covers That Influenced Our Generation’ and that is exactly what their setlist represented. The curtain rose and Stryper began the iconic ‘Soldiers Under Command’. They also included covers by KISS, Judas Priest, and Firehouse throughout the set. Michael Sweet was able to hit the high note in the very beginning of ‘Surrender’ and that was something I found to be incredible. They created a set with great balance by playing a ballad like ‘Honestly’ or ‘Always There For You’ and then playing a real heavy song like ‘Sorry’ or ‘The Valley’ afterwards. Stryper closed out the night with a fan-favorite ‘To Hell With The Devil’. Though Oz Fox wasn’t able to play the show, Howie Simon did a great job honoring the songs and solos. Between Michael’s vocals, Rob’s drumming, Perry’s bass playing, and Howie filling in on guitar, Stryper was on their A-game and the fans loved it.

Autograph Setlist
Stryper Setlist
Deep End
Loud and Clear
You Are Us, We Are You
Send Her To Me
Get Off Your Ass
Turn Up The Radio

Soldiers Under Command
Calling On You
More Than A Man
Shout It Out Loud (KISS)
Heading Out To The Highway (Judas Priest)
All For One
All She Wrote (Firehouse)
In God We Trust
Always There For You
Abyss/The Valley
To Hell With The Devil

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