Concert Review
Foxwoods Resort Casino
August 8, 2019

       Tesla released their latest record titled, ‘Shock’, on March 8th through UMe. The band has been touring in support of ‘Shock’ since just before the album came out and has continued for months since the release. I was surprised to find out that Tesla opted to have no opening acts for their latest dates. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a show that had no openers and it was just refreshing to see one band in one night.

      Tesla kicked off the show with the classic “Cumin’ Atcha Live” to get the crowd going. And they did just that between Jeff’s killer vocals and guitarists Dave Rude and Frank Hannon’s power-packed dueling guitar solos mid-song. “Modern Day Comboy” kicked in with Frank, Dave, and bassist Brian Wheat joining forces in the middle of the stage to pull the crowd in. Those of you who have seen Tesla live before know that they always include large screens showing everything from old albums covers and photos to lyrics, to plane crashes and explosions. They also don’t fall short when it comes to lighting and drum risers. Tesla then went into the slide intro to “Be A Man” followed by “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)”.

     “Taste Like” was the first track off of ‘Shock’ played in the set that night. Newest member of Tesla, Dave Rude has been in the band for 13 years and continues to captivate fans on stage each night. Tesla played four classic songs in a row before playing another new song, “California Summer Song”, the sixth track on ‘Shock’. The crowd seem to know the new songs equally as well as the old songs. This really showed through when Tesla played “Shock” followed by “What You Give” and “Edison’s Medicine (Man Out Of Time)” and the crowd was able to sing along with every word. Jeff Keith then went on to introduce each band member as his “best friends, buddies, pals, and chums” before going into the chart topping hit, “Love Song”. Tesla played “Little Suzi” and “Signs” to close out the night.

         You can tells these guys are still to this day the best of friends and genuinely enjoy being onstage and meeting fans every day out on tour. Tesla continues to tour with the same punch and energy as the very first tour and fans haven’t lost power either.

1~Cumin' Atcha Live
2~Modern Day Cowboy
3~Be a Man
4~Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
5~Breakin' Free
6~Taste Like
7~Miles Away
9~Gettin' Better
10~Call It What You Want
11~California Summer Song
12~What You Give
14~Edison's Medicine (Man Out of Time)
15~Love Song
16~Little Suzi (Ph.D. cover)
17~Signs (Five Man Electrical Band cover)

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