Review of "Thee Rock N' Roll Residency"

    Nashville musicians - Jeremy Asbrock and Philip Shouse have released their debut album. Thee Rock N’ Residency have taken the Tennessee rock scene by storm since they formed in 2014. The album opens with an instrumental track titled “I Think He’s Playing Guitar”. Asbrock and Shouse split vocal duties throughout the rest of the album. My personal favorite song on the record is track 4, “Come Alive”, which is reminiscent of Kiss and Motley Crue.  These guys have successfully transferred the bright energy of their live shows into their original music. The catchy hook of “This is Heaven (But You Can’t Come In Yet)” is one to remember. Overall, this album blends the best elements of ‘70s and ‘80s rock with modern production and creates a killer, well-rounded record. All I can say is I look forward to seeing more from Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency in the future.

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