Concert Review
Wolf Den
Uncasville, CT

           Straight out of the 80s, Vixen came out with a renewed energy onstage at the Wolf Den. These rockin’ women kicked off their set with “Waiting For The Big One”, a Femme Fatale hit. Now that Vixen is fronted by Lorraine Lewis, they usually play two of Femme Fatale’s most known songs in addition to many great Vixen tunes. Britt Lightning was sporting the band’s latest merch design and playing her stunning shattered mirror Jackson V. This shred queen paid great homage to Jan Kuehnemund on all the classic Vixen hits.


           Vixen executed “Rev It Up” with noticeable energy and stage presence. “How Much Love” got the crowd pumping their fists with the beat of Roxy Petrucci’s incredible drumming. As the show went on, the audience got more and more into the show. Lorraine asked everyone to put up lighters and flashlights during “Cryin” and the audience complied, creating a phenomenal view from the stage. Going into “Rock Me”, Share Ross began playing the bassline to “Runnin’ With The Devil” by Van Halen, with Britt joining in on guitar. Lorraine steps offstage for a song and hands the mic off to Share to sing “I Don’t Need No Doctor”. The audience seemed very impressed by Share’s vocal skills and her ability to hit and hold out notes. Lorraine then reunited with Vixen onstage to sing another Femme Fatale song, “Falling In And Out Of Love”. Some vocalists start to slack halfway through the set, but not Lorraine Lewis. She gives 110% from start to finish. These ladies could not have looked happier to be onstage with each other. Britt and Share went and played back-to-back several times while wearing a big smile on each of their faces. Vixen has gained immense energy and happiness on stage since Lorraine has joined the band.           

           Guitar picks and sick licks from these chicks.

Waiting For The Big One (Femme Fatale)
Rev It Up
How Much Love
I Want You To Rock Me
Streets In Paradise
I Don't Need No Doctor
Falling In and Out Of Love
(Femme Fatale)
Love Made Me
You Oughta Know By Now
Edge of A Broken Heart

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